Machine Learning

We use ML to help clients build useful analytics and provide custom solutions for your business needs.


We help businesses accelerate AI adoption with scoping opportunities and leveraging existing data and technology.


Using Amazon SageMaker we will provide your developer and data scientist with the ability to build and deploy machine learning models quickly. Build machine learning models.


We secure, control and manage your devices from the cloud using AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Defender, AWS IoT Management.

Technologies We Support

“As a web hosting company, LinkedLines is instrumental in helping us transition our hosting solutions for our global customers in AWS environment.  LinkedLines professional team have deep understanding of AWS ecosystem and integration with third party tools and solutions.”

KaribuNet Hosting

“LinkedLines guided us to properly migrate and utilize AWS services in the area of Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Structured and unstructured Databases. LinkedLines Data Engineers are very Knowledgeable in developing data-driven solution and their support team are exceptional.” 


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